13 March 2016

WATCH: Forests and Floating Markets in the Mekong Delta

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What does it feel like to explore the Mekong Delta in Vietnam with us? We went behind-the-scenes with our travellers to experience our Mekong Delta River tour from her point of view!

If ever there were a place where time stood still, that place is the Mekong Delta. Vast and magical, the Mekong Delta is unlike any place in the world. Flooded forests, floating markets and endlessly friendly locals all make the region a must-visit on a journey in Vietnam. But instead of tell you, we decided to show you. To do it, we went behind the scenes of our Life Along the Mekong Tour with our traveller. Check out the journey from her point of view!

Want more? Read our traveller’s story about her experience in Tra Su Flooded Forest featured in this video.

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