12 January 2016

Stories from the Road: The Making of an Incredible Journey

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We all know how the makings for a good journey – proper planning, well-timed arrivals and smart packing. But what takes a good journey to another level? What makes a good journey, a great journey?  Sometimes, the answer to that question is best left to the experts – travel bloggers who spend lots of time searching for the key to an amazing trip. We asked our favourite travel bloggers: “In your opinion, what makes a good journey a great journey?” We weren’t disappointed! Here are a few of our favourite stories.

Alice Nettleingham

Teacake Travels

Teacake Travels in Bangladesh Alice Nettleingham

“Making that move away from your safe place, your slice of comfort, reassurance and predictability is a big step to take but for me, it’s what I live for every day. I aim to go from A to B without knowing exactly how I’m going to get there, who I will meet along the way and what hurdles are going to present themselves to tempt me to quit. I’m currently travelling through Bangladesh and this is my toughest journey yet.

Locals eyeball me like a hawk, wondering why the hell I’m here, who I am and where I’m going. ‘What country?’ they shout. ‘England’ I reply…then they pause, process, scan me once more and either nod in agreement or just keep staring. I’m up and down all the time, having the time of my life then getting pangs of just wanting to jump on the next plane to somewhere familiar.

Despite the threat of terrorism, the ear-splitting traffic honks, the never-ending dust swirling in the air and everyone wanting to know everything about me to the point where it just gets too much, this is a good journey and one of my greatest. Why? Because for me, tough is great. I put myself to the test to grow, learn and be out of my comfort zone so that I can see what I’m fully capable of. That is what travel means to me and it fulfills me completely.”

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Sarah Hughes

Live, Dream, Discover

Thailand boy“For us, traveling is all about the experiences that move us, shape us and give us more of a connection to the world we live in. For this reason what turns a good journey into a great journey is interaction with local people and local life. When we recently traveled to Southeast Asia for the first time we were excited to experience a new culture, different from the ones we had interacted with during our travels through North America and Europe.

But we did wonder if we would be able to connect as well with people when we could not read, write or speak the language and had seemingly very little commonalities in our cultures. Well within 24 hours of arriving in Thailand we realized that this would not be a problem. There is in fact a universal language used in Thailand…it’s called a smile. The Thai people are some of the friendliest we have met on our travels, ready to help with whatever you need and always quick to smile and make you feel welcome.

A simple smile has the power to create that connection we all long for and can help to make friends out of strangers no matter how different they may seem. The Thai people are champions at this which has definitely contributed to making our journey a great one.”

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Andrew Tolentino

Dish Our Town

Drinking BeerI am a beer drinker and always thought it to be unacceptable to have a beer over ice. Recently during our travels through Southeast Asia, my wife, daughter, and I stopped in a local eatery to have something to eat and drink.

It was a very local place and hard to get an order through. With the help of a stranger, we were in fact, able to order some food and drink. When my drink came (a beer) it was accompanied with a glass of ice.

“Why don’t you have your beer with the ice, like everyone else?”, said my wife. I thought about it for a second and did as just that. I took the first sip and it felt cold and satisfying. I can go as far as saying that it was liberating. I felt like a local, I put my formulations aside and embraced a new way.

Until that moment, the journey was good. After, it was great. What makes a great journey? When culture helps you decide to expand as a person.”

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