18 July 2017

Tourism Authority of Thailand Upgrades Mobile Apps for Tourists

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Thailand receives millions of tourists every year from all over the world. To help these visitors get the most out of their travels here, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has upgraded their mobile app. The new app, which will ensure that tourists have the most complete and up-to-date information available to them at all times, is currently available to download now.

To ensure that the largest audience possible can use the app, it has been built in the English language. It is considered an electronic guide that can assist tourists with guides on places to stay, places to dine and the best tours and attractions in the area they are staying. One of the new features that has been added to the app is a wide selection of new and upgraded maps that include a GPS system to help you reach your chosen destinations.

Another excellent new feature is the VR 360 view. This feature allows you to zoom into a location and then view the surrounding area in a 360 view. So you can now transport yourself electronically to your exact destination and see exactly what it looks like, allowing you to find it more easily once you arrive.

For anyone visiting Thailand as part of a group, but who may be separated from the group at times, can use a feature that helps guide others to your location in case you are lost. Your destination can be sent to all members of the group via email or social media.

Amazing Thailand

The final new feature is a very helpful one as it allows you to communicate with the locals. The speak Thai feature acts as an English to Thai translator meaning that you can communicate with Thai’s when purchasing goods or you need to know directions.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand also has 2 other apps available for specific groups of travellers. First is the Muslim Friendly Destination app which has a guide to Muslim friendly venues and includes features such as prayer times and a Qibla compass. Meanwhile, the Women’s Journey Thailand app has been built to keep female visitors up to date with latest promotions and offers in dining, health and beauty and sport.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor stated that the upgrades to their travel apps is part of their drive to improve tourists experience when visiting Thailand for sightseeing and activities such as shopping or dining out. “We aim to constantly adapt to the way modern travellers seek services online and meet their expectations.”

The Amazing Thailand app can be downloaded from the links below:

Google Play Store



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