12 July 2017

Singapore Food Festival 2017 – What’s New?

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How does the Singapore food Festival still remain so popular after all these years? The key is to stick to tradition, but keep things unexpected! This is why you will find unusual pairings such as the hawker fair with cocktails, wine and local kuehs, in addition to contemporary dance that will make you feel just like a local.

The catchphrase you will hear from the organisers of the event is “Savor Singapore in Every Bite” and that is exactly what they want you to do. The theme this year is to pay tribute to everything that represents Singapore. While aiming to celebrate local delicacies and heritage, they also want to honour the local people who work tirelessly, yet passionately, to ensure that home-grown gastronomic traditions are kept alive.

“Food is tied so closely to our identity of being Singaporean. One dish alone can tell stories of passions, struggles and of our heritage,” Said Ranita Sundramoorthy – From the Singapore Tourism Board.

Ranita also went on to say that this year’s festival won’t only concentrate on local flavours, instead more on the local ingredients that Singapore produces. The organisers are also very excited for the numerous partner events which will highlight the history and culture of Singapore. These include dining experiences, talks and heritage food tours.

Expect to find over 20 epicurean experiences, all different from each other at this year’s event. Included are an anchor event STREAT which will be featuring a medley of local food establishments. In addition, a pop up restaurant will also be featured. Expert chef, Malcom Lee, will be at the helm. Malcom works at the Michelin-starred Candlenut restaurant. Joining him is Willin Low from Wild Rocket. Willow is credited as a joint founder of Mod-Sin-cuisine. This is the first time the chefs have collaborated together.

The chefs will be presenting local classics and contemporary interpretations. They will do this through a 3-course meal consisting of Mod-Sin, together with a Peranakan Panjang menu. Malcom and Willin will also select 9 stalls that are helmed by local young chefs who have put their own unique take on some local delicacies.

Another notable event and pairing that you will see at this year’s Food Festival is the Hawker Wine Safari. This will see a wide range of local wines from New Zealand and Australia paired with local dishes such as Fried Sotong Prawn Mee and Tian Tian local chicken rice.

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, a local company called Rainbow Lapis will be pairing with other local businesses to create a workshop series. Rainbow Lapis is renowned for specialising in high-quality local heritage desserts.

Finally, a new addition is also being added to this year’s festival in the form of a pop-up-café offering a medley of tea-infused and tea-inspired foods from local Singapore companies. You will find tasty pieces such as the earl grey tea cakes as well as lots of creations created from local teas such as Pin Tea and Hush Tea.

The Singapore Food Festival is running this year from 14-30th July.



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