02 August 2017

Singapore Continues To Woo Chinese Tourists

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A recently released Hotels.com study and survey has revealed that citizens of China are the fastest-growing segment of international visitors to Singapore.

They have replaced Indonesian visitors who previously held the number 1 spot. According to the company’s Chinese online accommodation website, this trend looks set to remain for the next year.

Hotels.com regional marketing executive, Ms. Jessica Chuang who is the director responsible for regional marketing in Greater China, Asia’s South-East, as well as India, stated that the rapidly rising middle-class Chinese have huge disposable income, and that countries could not ignore the impact Chinese tourism will have on their economy.

Visa regulations for nationals of China were relaxed in 2015. Since this relaxation there has been a continued upward surge in tourists from the country. The first quarter of 2017 saw an increase in Chinese tourist arrivals of 13.7%.

Hotels.com commissioned an annual research study that is conducted with the assistance of over 3,000 Chinese travelers aged between 18 and 57-year-old who have visited overseas destinations during the last 12 months.

This research is then combined with data from more than 3,800 of Hotel.com’s accommodation partners globally, the company’s own internal data, as well as additional third-party data, to deliver results seen in the study.

The study reveals that the average length of an international visit by Chinese tourists is seven days for each visit and that they spend on average S$610 (US$ 446) each day.

A significant 28% of their income goes towards international travel, but when looking at millennials, this group spend the most with an average allocation of 35% of income being spent on travel.

An intriguing aspect of the report shows that although tourists from China increased spending on such activities as dining, seeing the sights and restful relaxation, their shopping spend halved from 68% in 2016 down to only 33% in 2017.

When quizzed about why Singapore was a favourite destination, travelers from China revealed that safety was ranked as one of the key factors.

Singapore’s tourism sector is ranked among the country’s most important service sectors with a contribution of 4% to the Republic’s GDP. Figures continue to remain very positive as 2016 saw a record 12-month period in terms of tourism.

International visitor numbers grew by 8% to an impressive total of 16.4 million, and even more impressively receipts from tourism saw a 13% increase to S$ 24.6 Billion.


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