30 June 2016

Sample Street Eats

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Most Chinese restaurants outside of China simply do not do justice to the sheer diversity of the country’s cuisine. It’s unsurprising that the world’s most populous country has a wide variety of food, ingredients and flavours. In fact, there at least eight different culinary styles and no end of unique dishes! Like much of Asia, the very best place to sample Chinese diverse flavours is at its street food joints.


In Shanghai, head to Pudong to explore one of the last remaining night markets in the city. Dig into the famous fried dumplings or take your pick from one of the many other dishes on offer to truly experience dining like a local.

At Ghost Street in Beijing, explore another vibrant culinary haven and one of the capital’s most famous food districts. Sample classic Peking Duck or try an array of local desserts while learning about the history of the areas unusual name.


Obviously, China’s cuisine can be enjoyed all year round! On a daily basis, the best time of day to find fresh food is to visit the wet markets early in the morning. Whereas, it’s best to sample street food in the evenings when the night markets are open.

Insider Tip:

When you have finished eating in restaurants, make sure to leave a little bit of food on your plate to show that your host gave you enough food. Also, do not leave tips in places that are less accustomed to tourists, many local establishments find tipping offensive.


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