09 December 2016

RTA2016: How Cambodia Plan to Become Leaders in Supporting Social Enterprise

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For the last few years Buffalo Tours Cambodia has been leading the way in responsible tourism. Through collaboration with local social enterprises and NGOs they have been able to add responsible products to their tours in a seamless and authentic way.

cambodia-staff-buffalo-toursIn Siem Reap, where the Buffalo Office is based, they have multiple alternative experiences that are perfect add-ons to a trip to un-missable Angkor Wat. After a day exploring the temples, take a trip to the circus and support a promising future for disadvantage children. Or take a break from temple-hopping altogether with a visit to rural Chansar Village and learn a little of life outside the city.

These products are popular not simply because they are promoting sustainable tourism but because they are off the beaten track, they educate and they entertain.

If only all tours could be as socially beneficial…

Well the staff at Buffalo Tours Cambodia believe that they can. Their winning initiative for the BTRT Awards 2016 was to incorporate even more socially responsible connections into their product line:

“Buffalo Tours Cambodia is committed to stay focused on our business operation as a spiritual practice, to put ourselves in a position that allows us to strongly support social enterprises and foster entrepreneurship. We are very proud to be a part of a setup involving a variety of dedicated organizations that are aligned and well placed to change the lives of disadvantaged people.”

Suyvet, Community Facilitator

chansar-school-cambodiaThe team hope to do this through a combination of training across all departments, including guides and reservations teams. They will be encouraging all staff to keep an ear to the ground for new social enterprises, environmentally sustainable products and communities in need. Their office will be an open door for new ideas. They will also upgrade their recommended shopping lists and restaurant preferences for clients and continue to be vocal in the local community and online.

This passion for positive change has had an impact company-wide and 2017 will see a big push in targeting and promoting responsible products across all our 11 destinations.

Cambodia currently work with a diverse range of social enterprises and we will take the next few months to introduce them to you in depth:

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