24 July 2017

New Airline lets you Travel like a King – But it will Cost you $45,000

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Most luxury tours are done on cruise ships these days with people enjoying high end facilities and services whilst out at sea. But how about flying on a private jet and having a cruise in the sky, complete with bespoke land and air services!

Genting Hong Kong is a leisure company that offers luxury cruises in Asia and also operate Zouk in Singapore. They announced on Wednesday last week (July 19th) that they will be providing a luxury land and air charter which takes travellers on a journey to Nairobi, Kenya and Tahiti in the French Polynesia.

The Private chartered jet is called Crystal Skye and is a private Boeing 777-200LR. The jet will be departing from Macau or Hong Kong on 30th September 2017. The jet can accommodate up to 86 guests who will get to feast on Michelin style cuisine and be assisted by their own personal butlers, aptly known as the “Crystal Skye Butlers”.

Crystal Skye

Genting Hong Kong says that the Crystal Skye is the most spacious private jet in the world, accommodating flatbeds, numerous stand-up bars and a huge wine cellar on board.

In addition to the luxury journey you will be going on, the trip extends into an 8 day holiday in Nairobi where guests will be staying in the finest hotels, complete with personal butlers. Guests will be taken on safari to see lions, wildebeests and other wildlife. The trip has been timed to catch the great wildlife migration that happens each year.

After staying 3 nights in Nairobi, guests will then be whisked away to pristine waters of Tahiti for some snorkelling, scuba diving and relaxing on the golden beaches. Guest will stay overnight in hotels in Bora Bora.

Genting Hong Kong’s president, Mr Kent Zhu anticipates that there will be an overwhelming response from the regions high-end globetrotters and they will be offering a quantity of the seats from four main Asian Markets. He went on to say that the target audience are travellers who can afford their own private jet, but would prefer to travel in extended groups and family in one of the most sophisticated aircrafts in the world.

Mr Kent also said that the company may offer a charter direct from Singapore in the future if someone is available to charter the plane. Chan Brothers is one travel agent in Singapore that is looking into the possibility of offering bookings on the Crystal Skye.



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