16 January 2016

[INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to Travel: Vietnam

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Considering a trip to Vietnam? We’ve saved you a bit of time by compiling this list of Vietnam travel tips in an infographic form to help you plan for your trip!

Vietnam is a small yet captivating country, offering travellers an exciting mix of adventure and culture. The country’s natural wonders span from the mountainous north and the fertile plains of the Mekong Delta, to the spectacular coastline of central Vietnam and the magnificent Halong Bay.

With a fascinating and sometimes turbulent history dating back some 4,000 years, Vietnam’s cultural heritage is a tapestry of influences, both from outside and within, offering travelers a unique experience within the region. Despite its rapid growth, Vietnam remains a nation rooted in tradition that is as interesting as it is welcoming.

If it’s your first time visiting Vietnam, or if you haven’t been in a while and just need to brush up on some of the basics, here’s a rundown of the must-know information before taking a tour of this amazing and beautiful country. What to eat, where to go, when to visit and what to avoid – these Vietnam travel tips should have you feeling like a travelling pro in no time!




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