02 August 2017

Five New Walking Trails Reveal 100 Years Of Hong Kong’s History

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Excellent news for international travelers who like nothing better than to explore a destination on foot. The Hong Kong tourist board have just unveiled 5 walking trails through the Old Town’s Central District. This area of the vibrant city is more commonly referred to as “OTC”.

OTC represents the original style of the city with a fusion of eastern and western influences and is a fascinating area to visit. These walks are tailor-made for the independent traveller, but groups will also benefit from following the trails.

The rich and deep heritage of OTC offers seemingly endless experiences with a rapidly changing aura. Temples will be seen, art galleries, restaurants and some of the city’s extremely stylish and relaxing rooftop bars. In short, you will have the cultural and entertainment hub at your feet.

Capturing the essence of the OTC for visitors will lead down different walking trails:

Those looking for Heritage should take the “Time Traveller route”. This covers the central area and Sheung Wan section. The British officially raised their first flag at Possession Point, The Tai Ping Shan section is known for the many Chinese who initially settled here in the 1840’s. Some of the oldest city streets will be walked during this trail.

Art aficionados should opt for the “Crazy for Art” stroll. This will take them down Hollywood Road, another of Hong Kong’s oldest streets. Galleries galore await with an extensive range of artwork that ranges from Ancient to modern day art with Asian and Western art on display.

Food lovers must take in the “Tasting Hong Kong” walk. OTC is a food lover’s paradise. The choice of food available is bewildering from the traditionally famous dim sum to international and blended fusion restaurants. In between temptation beckons at the open-air food stalls, or “Dai Pai Dongs” as they are known.

A real Aladdin’s cave awaits those who meander along the “Treasure Hunt walk”. Hidden wonders in hidden back alleys. The route makes its way through Upper Lascar Row with its unending antiques, through PoHo and Tai Ping Shan Street where tea houses sits side by side with design studios, and into the area of Bridges Street where book lovers will linger long while searching through uncountable second-hand books, and the plethora of bric-a-brac means there is something for everyone. This walk offers constant reminders of the city’s intriguing history.

Those who are short on time, but would like to experience an OTC walk should opt for the “Something for Everyone” trail. It covers major landmarks and the interest points from the other 4 walks.

These trails really do bring a new meaning to “Getting a feel for your destination”.


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