25 March 2016

Buffalo Behind-the-Scenes: A Year in Responsible Travel

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When you really break it down, what does a year in responsible travel look like for a company like Buffalo Tours? Well, the results are in! Here’s what we accomplished in 2015.

The Buffalo team is always hard at work making our tours, initiatives and strategies as sustainable as they can be. When we’re busy making our responsible travel initiatives a reality, it’s a real treat when we get to see the results of our hard work.

This month, that treat is our Buffalo Tours Responsible Travel Report for 2015. It illustrates all of the work we’ve done in 2015 to impact the lives of our travellers, our team and our communities. But at the end of the day, the real heroes here are you, our travellers! Why? Because it’s your travel dollar that makes all of this a reality!

The result is an incredible US$ 149,818 back to the local communities that make our tours possible. The feat was a combination of our village fund contributions and community health and development projects actioned by Educational Travel Asia participants, and community employment and homestays made possible by our experiential tours. Click the image below to see it at full size.


Infographic_BT_V4Local Initiatives

In cooperation with Educational Travel Asia, Buffalo Tours helped contribute $3,160 in school supplies to Aor Por Elementary School in Phuket, Thailand. The schools here often have a difficult time getting the supplies they need, so its contributions like this that help foster a new generation of leaders in Thailand’s best travel destinations.

Community Development Projects

We don’t just operate tours in our destinations – we lead community development projects in our destinations, too! In 2015, we were proud to have made a difference in Chan Sar (Chansor) Village, Cambodia; Seuang River, Lao PDR; Om Goi, Thailand; and Mai Chau, Vietnam.

These projects included building schools, assisting in construction projects, running health workshops and check-ups in rural communities and developing sustainable tourism initiatives. The best part? You can help be a part of this development with unique responsible tour options that we can help you build into your itinerary.

Community Employment

When we create tours in our destinations, we are committed to engaging local communities in these experiences. Some of our favourite ways are employing locals to run cooking classes, handicraft workshops, traditional dance classes and as village tour guides.

Not only does this connect you with the locals on your visit to Asia – it also supports sustainable employment for locals who would otherwise miss out on the wonderful economic opportunities that tourism provides.

You can be a part of this by making our Local Life tours part of your next journey in Asia. With a special focus on responsible tourism, our team is ready to help you craft a customised tour that features our best workshops, classes and local experiences!

Community Homestays

Homestays are a great way to experience local life in our destinations – but they also provide responsible and sustainable income for rural communities in places like Sapa, Mai Chau, the Mekong Deltaand Siem Reap. When it comes to making your journey in Asia more responsible, opting for a few homestays is a great way to have a win-win experience with locals.

Plus, they’re a unique opportunity to connect with a local culture. Don’t just take our word for it – check out what our travellers had to say!

When it comes down to it, it’s the collaboration between companies like Buffalo Tours and the travellers we serve that make changing lives through travel possible. Find out about how we’re making it happen in 2016, and share your own responsible travel stories with the hashtag #ChangeTravelChangeLives on Facebook and Instagram!

Talk with our travel experts about how to create a journey including homestays, community tourism and Local Life experiences this year! 

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