What's happening in Asia?

Tales from the Trails

10 Lesser Known UNESCO Sites in Asia

UNESCO has been adding sites of historical, cultural and scientific significance to the World Heritage List since 1978. Since then, hordes of tourists have flocked to the most famous among them, such as the Great Wall of China or Angkor Wat, but there are many lesser known sites that are equally worthwhile to visit. We […]

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11 of Asia’s Best Wellness Retreats

With thousands of years of experience in traditional healing practices and some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, Asia is truly a special place to take a wellness retreat. Whether this means a total body cleanse, a yoga course or simply spending every day in the spa, it’s up to you. We’ve created this […]

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Hong Kong Then and Now: Kowloon Walled City

Over two decades since Hong Kong’s infamous Kowloon City was demolished, we dug into the history and modern age of what was once the most densely populated place on earth. In March of 1993, eviction and demolition began on what some considered an eye-sore for Hong Kong, and others considered a feat in anarchy. Home […]

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Tips from a Tour Guide: Travel Pro Tips for Chinese New Year!

Planning on Chinese New Year travel this year? Here’s what you need to know about travelling in China and Hong Kong during its most significant holiday – from an expert tour guide with the insider tips! Chinese New Year might be one of the coolest times of year to explore Asia, but it can also […]

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