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Tales from the Trails

Buffalo Q&A: Empowering the Next Generation with BaliWISE

Part of the R.O.L.E. (Rivers, Oceans, Lands, Ecology) Foundation, BaliWISE has supported the continued growth and empowerment of women in Bali, Indonesia since 2007. From hygiene to administration and even environmental sustainability training, the BaliWISE program offers women in disadvantaged situations the resources they need to begin their fulfilling, lifelong careers with a commitment to environmental […]

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Buffalo Q&A: How a Meal in Asia Can Change a Life

Where you choose to eat dinner in Asia can be life-changing for the locals. We sat down with a Vietnam-based social enterprise to talk about how hospitality training are changing local lives for the better – and how you can help! Since 1999, KOTO has trained countless disadvantaged Vietnamese youth in a bid to give […]

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What We Mean When We Say "Change Travel, Change Lives"

Change travel, change lives – that’s what the Buffalo Tours team is all about this year. But what is responsible tourism, and what do we mean when we say “changing lives through travel”? Our Managing Director Matt Masson digs into how little changes in our travel decisions make a big impact on local communities – […]

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Searching for the perfect itinerary in Asia that you can feel good about? These awesome Asia itinerary choices for responsible travellers puts a premium on feel-good travel. This is our list of top Asia tour alternatives that do travel differently. Asia has gone from the backpacker destination of choice to the perfect getaway for families, honeymoons and […]

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Buffalo Q&A: Making 2016 a ChildSafe Year in Thailand

In 2011, Buffalo Tours teamed up with ChildSafe Thailand, a Friends International organisation tasked with combating child exploitation in the country. Since then, our team has helped bring awareness to these important issues through guide training and support – but you’re the key to taking their mission to the next level. We sat down with […]

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#ChangeTravelChangeLives – How To Travel Differently in 2016

Our new Year’s Resolutions this year are all about changing travel – and changing lives – for the better. Here’s what we’re committing to doing in 2016, and how you can be a part of it, too! Travel has a way of changing our lives for the better. It opens our minds to new experiences, […]

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