18 July 2016

The Art of Drinking: Seeking out Asia’s Best Brews

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There are some beverages that are synonymous with Asia- think Sake in Japan and the Singapore Sling in its namesake city-state. Yet, the continent is not considered a leader in the art of brewing and distilling. In fact, many travellers will attest to Asia’s proficiency for cheap tasteless beer and its deadly obsession with rice wine.

Well, Buffalo Tours love to delve a little deeper and discover the experiences you didn’t know you were seeking. And what did we find?

Asia is a drinker’s paradise!

When we started uncovering some truly inspiring companies, creating exquisite drinks in unlikely places, we knew we had to have an adults-only section to our Master Class tours. Today we are going to showcase three of the best.

Asia Indonesia Wine tasting

Wine Tasting with a local Sommelier in Bali

Battling a fierce climate and even fiercer critics, the proudly Indonesian Hatten Wines have carved a name for themselves in the Asian Wine world. Their signature Rose was created with location at its forefront, being a perfect accompaniment to the tropical climate and the spicy food of Indonesia.

Our Master Class experience is the perfect way to learn about Bali’s wines and to experience wine appreciation at its most enjoyable. Sit down to an intimate lunch with the vineyards local sommelier to taste a selection of their best wines with exquisite food pairings.

Indonesia Rum Distillery Tour

Rum Distillery Tour in Phuket

Discover all there is to know about small batch rum distilling from the experts who truly care about their craft. Chalong Bay Rum is crafted with 100% Thai sugarcane, sustainably sourced from local farmers and processed using traditional French machinery. It is smooth, pure and tastes a little like paradise.

What better way to appreciate it than seeing how it’s made, before trying your hand at cocktail creation alongside the experts? These guys are seriously passionate and you will be too after spending an evening of rum sampling with them.

Raffles Long Bar Bartender Singapore

Cocktail making with a Raffles bartender in Singapore

There may not be a more perfect example of an exclusive encounter than learning how to make a Singapore Sling in the very place it was created and with a resident bartender. This iconic drink is over a century old and has a unique origin story waiting to be uncovered…

Join our very own Sales and Marketing Director, Sarah Griffin, and try your hand at  shaking and stirring yourself on the Raffles Singapore Sling Master Class.

Innovative entrepreneurs across Asia are creating sustainable, locally sourced and delicious drinks that are competing for international alcohol acclaim. At Buffalo Tours, we think that, whether you are an amateur to connoisseur, Asia’s best brews are definitely worth seeking out.

Are you looking for a truly unique travel experience to share with your friends and family? Talk to our travel experts today to find out more about our exclusive Master Class experiences.