04 February 2016

Asian Destinations at their Best in July and August

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Think Asia is off-limits for travel during the summer holiday? Think again! We rounded up the best holiday destinations for July and August in Asia.

In the dreary depths of winter, it’s not so strange that our minds wander to sandy beaches and sunny skies you imagine finding in Southeast Asia. Perhaps that’s why so many travellers head to the region during the winter season.

Meanwhile, an impending rainy season and hotter temperatures sometimes scares would-be summer holiday-goers away from Asia between June and September. It’s a shame, since there are some exotic gems that break the summer-month mold and enjoy their best weather and scenery during the summer holiday.

While you’re planning your summer getaway this year, don’t let the hype scare you away from what could be the best trip you’ve ever had. If you’re on the hunt for great summertime destinations in Asia, look no further – we’ve got them right here!

Travel to Vietnam: Nha Trang and Central Coast

nha trang best holiday destinations asia july august

While plenty of Vietnam delves into the depths of its rainy season during the months of July and August, certain parts of the south-central coast enjoy beautiful (and dry) weather during this time of year. Because of Nha Trang’s location along the outer curve of Vietnam’s 3,000 kilometre coast, it has wholly-distinct weather patterns from other areas in the country.

For you, that means a toasty average temperature of 28C – perfect for diving, snorkelling and beach exploration, two favourite activities for this time of year. Plus, rainfall begins to taper off toward the end of June, which means hotter but dryer weather. While you’re here, don’t miss out on some of the cultural marvels beyond the beach – not to mention the beachside eats!

Travel to Indonesia: Bali

Bali Beach in Sunset

While the rest of Asia is experiencing some of their wettest and more humid weather, the locals in Bali are entering their busiest and best travel months in July and August. Why? Because unlike other parts of Southeast Asia (and even other parts of Indonesia), Bali’s second driest month of the year is August – which makes it a summer holiday favourite!

Keep in mind that because of Bali’s incredible weather this time of year, crowds will be bigger and hotels more expensive – so book yourself in early. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, make a point to head out to lesser-explored areas like waterfall temples in Ubud or neon-green rice fields perfect for trekking!

Travel to Malaysia: Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur Malaysia Twin Towers

Cities along the earth’s equator enjoy relatively stable temperatures throughout the year, with only changes in rainfall and humidity. Malaysia’s capital city is one of the cities, and its temperatures rarely fluctuate from its toasty average of 32C. That said, July is one of Kuala Lumpur’s driest months, so this is a great time to visit the city for urban journeys.

While you’re here, make sure to plan a tour to Malacca – its historic UNESCO town a short drive away with equally lovely weather. Take advantage of the dry weather with a great city walking tour to get a sense of this spectacular city – and of course, you shouldn’t leave Kuala Lumpur without working your way through its best dishes on a food tour!

Tioman and Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Tioman and Perhentian Islands Malaysia

Peak season for the beautiful Tioman islands and Perhentian islands in Malaysia is for good reason – the weather during July and August makes snorkelling and diving much easier and more enjoyable. These two favourite activities are best during the summer months because of calmer waters, so you’re much more likely to spot sealife than you are during times when water is rougher.

Just like Bali, peak season for these islands means bigger crowds, so it’s best to book early and plan ahead to avoid the crowds. We recommend booking in the month of February – before the best hotels and tours fill up with summer-seeking tourists!

Travel to China: LongshengLongsheng China

China is a vast and dynamic country both historically and geographically, which means very distinct weather patterns for different parts of the country. During the summer months, lush and scenic Longsheng is actually experiencing higher rates of rainfall and higher temperatures – which likely has you wondering what it’s doing on a best destinations for summer list. What makes Longsheng a spectacular destination for July and August isn’t weather – it’s the sights!

Home to the Longji Rice Terraces, Longsheng’s locals begin watering these stunning formations in June, which means a vivid shade of green by late July and August. If you’re willing to brave the tougher weather, you’ll be in for a spectacular photo opportunity in one of China’s most beautiful locations.

Getting ready to book your summer holiday in Asia? Let our travel experts help you build the perfect itinerary – with the insider knowledge on destinations, weather and attractions along the way. Contact our team for a free quote on your perfect holiday!

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